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Discovering a partner has cheated on you can be devastating. You might feel hurt, angry, sad, or even physically sick.

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Posted April 13, Reviewed by Lybi Ma.

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This is the real reason why men cheat

It's no secret that men are far more likely to cheat on their partners than women are. If you need any proof of this—and you probably don't—consider that the vast majority of Ashley Madison's 37 million "active" users were overwhelmingly male. Like, And, more recently, a YouGov poll found that 21 percent of men compared to 19 percent of women had actually admitted to cheating in the past. But the question remains: why do men cheat?

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Does a "Y" chromosome biologically guarantee that we're all doomed to life as terrible jerks? Or is infidelity a more nuanced act rife with psychological complexity? As with all things love and lustit's often complicated. With that in mind, we reached out to some top relationship experts to gather the biggest reasons why men cheat and get to bottom of this complicated predicament. It's the tale as old as time: the one that got away.

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And when an ex shows up, "we remember that spark. That's a recipe for disaster.

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His partner may think the relationship is all peaches and gravy; he may think otherwise—and not have the guts to confront his other half about it. Whether you're agreeing to tequila shots at a club with your buddies—or, even more dangerous, agreeing to one-on-one happy hour with that cute new associate in ing—people who are committed to and satisfied with their relationship will avoid those scenarios.

If he actively and repeatedly decides to engage in risky situations, something's up.

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It does tear couples apart. Get your head out of the gutter; we're not talking sexual needs.

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Perhaps someone complimented a new haircutand his partner hasn't done that in a while. Maybe it's been weeks of fighting.

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Or maybe it's been too long since he and his partner shared a laugh. Maybe he feels ignored and neglected. Whatever the reason, there's a deficit in the relationship that reinforced an emotional disconnect. And instead of addressing the problem head on, thoughts drift to, "Rachel does this for me, and my wife does not. Everyone experiences depressed feelings and anxiety to a certain degree. The issue is whether or not those thoughts come from the relationship.

However, "it's important to note that cheating [tends to] exacerbate existing anxiety and depression. There's that old adage, where every man wants to sleep with as many women as possible—"spread his seed," so to speak—and every women wants to find one mate—"lock him down. The theory is that, because women only have a chance of reproduction once a month, they tend to be much more discriminating in choosing a partner.

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Whereas men can basically have a chance of reproduction every time they ejaculate. As Shirey mentioned, most people don't wake up with the malicious intent to betray or hurt their partner. Well, most. Whatever the reason, "they need to address it themselves.

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It comes down to a need for validation; if he can't perform with his ificant other, is he less of a man? An easy way to counter those feelings of inadequacy is to try to find a physical connection with someone new. Sex triggers dopamine receptors—the pleasure center of the brain. And like anything else that triggers dopamine—see: cocaine, heroin—it can be addictive.

For some people, dopamine activates more from sex than from other things. Fellas, don't do that.

Hey, guys! cheating is not the only option.

Remember: "very few instances. Or, to use another one of Mark's terms, he suffers from "Sexual Inhibition due to the Threat of Performance Consequences.

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And he's going likely to keep cheating even if he's already been busted for it. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. Here's the hard truth about his infidelity. By Ari Notis July 29, Ari is an editor specializing in news and lifestyle. Read This Next.

The true reasons why men cheat: 11 most common causes

I Cheated on My Spouse. Latest News. Smarter Living. Experts say it could prove fatal.

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Here's how to know if your fish is less than fresh. Don't be afraid, but be aware. Some experts are putting their faith in this.