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Quality of life, time with family, and ease of treatment — your needs as a patient inspire our team of heart specialists to provide innovative, patient-centered heart and vascular care of the highest caliber. When you choose Memorial, you are choosing a cardiac and vascular institute with broad capabilities and highly trained specialists. We offer:. Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute offers a wide range of cardiovascular services, including:. Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute patients consistently rate their satisfaction levels higher than the Florida average. We are committed to providing exceptional, one-on-one care, and we want your experience with us to be as positive as possible.

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First Look Institute is a c 3 nonprofit organization. In partnership with. He sits cross-legged on the maroon carpet of the hotel room, wearing white cotton socks and pants that rise up his legs to reveal his thin, pale ankles.

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An AK leans against the closet door behind him. What appears to be a suicide vest is strapped to his body. In his right hand is a pistol. It is the call to help and aid in the party of Allah … and pay him back for every sister that has been raped and every brother that has been tortured and raped.

After recording this video in a rundown Days Inn in Tampa, Florida, Osmakac prepared to deliver what he thought was a car bomb to a popular Irish bar. According to the government, Osmakac was a dangerous, lone-wolf terrorist who would have bombed the Tampa bar, then headed to a local casino where he would have taken hostages, before finally detonating his suicide vest once police arrived. But if Osmakac was a terrorist, he was only one in his troubled mind and in the minds of ambitious federal agents. The government could not provide any evidence that he had connections to international terrorists.

Osmakac was the target of an elaborately orchestrated FBI sting that involved a paid informant, as well as FBI agents and support staff working on the setup for more than three months. The bureau also gave Osmakac the car bomb he allegedly planned to detonate, and even money for a taxi so he could get to where the FBI needed him to go.

Osmakac was a deeply disturbed young man, according to several of the psychiatrists and psychologists who examined him before trial. And just last month, on February 25, the FBI arrested and charged two Brooklyn men for plotting, with the aid of a paid informant, to travel to Syria and the Islamic State. The likelihood that the men would have stepped foot in Syria of their own accord seems low; only after they met the informant, who helped with travel applications and other hurdles, did their planning take shape.

Trevor Aaronson. In these cases, the FBI says paid informants and undercover agents are foiling attacks before they occur. Amir, posing as a dealer who could provide weapons, wore a hidden recording device throughout the sting. Film by Jeff Stimmel no audio. These transcripts were never supposed to be revealed in their entirety.

The government argued that their release could harm the U. Magistrate Judge Anthony E. Porcelli not only sealed the transcripts, but also placed them under a protective order. The files, provided by a confidential source to The Intercept in partnership with the Investigative Fund, provide a rare behind-the-scenes of an FBI counterterrorism sting, revealing how federal agents leveraged their relationship with a paid informant and plotted for months to turn the hapless Sami Osmakac into a terrorist.

Osmakac as a boy. Photo courtesy of the Osmakac family.

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Fleeing violence in Kosovo inthey had first traveled to Germany, where they stayed untilwhen they were granted entrance to the U. He was the youngest of eight children, and he and his older brother Avni struggled at first to adapt to a new land, a new language and a new culture. We adapted. The Osmakac family opened a popular bakery in St. Petersburg, across the bay from Tampa. They were Muslim, but they rarely attended the mosque. He suffered the concerns many young men in the United States do, like getting a job and saving up for a car.

He looks happy.

On the flight back from the wedding, during the final leg of the journey to Tampa, the plane Sami and his brother were on hit turbulence, losing altitude quickly. Sami looked horrified. Osmakac in Photo courtesy of Osmakac family. Dennison went by the chosen name Abdullah; he says in a YouTube video that after being introduced to Islam, his faith grew stronger during a prison term in Pennsylvania. Whereas he had once saved his money to buy nice shoes and Starter caps, he suddenly began to dress like Dennison, according to family members — cutting his pants high at the ankle, buying cheap plastic sandals and sometimes wearing a keffiyeh on his head.

His skin was pale. He was sleeping on the floor of his bedroom and complained about nightmares in which he burned in hell.

He stopped working at the family bakery because they served pork products. Near the end of the year, his family repeatedly asked him to see a doctor. He rebuffed them, saying that the doctors would want to kill him.

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Russell Dennison YouTube. Over the next year, Osmakac, who was without steady employment, established a reputation as a firebrand in the local Muslim community. He was kicked out of two mosques, and lashed out at local Muslim leaders in a YouTube videocalling them kuffar and infidels. In MarchOsmakac made his way to Turkey, in the hopes of traveling by land to Saudi Arabia, according to his brother.

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But Osmakac never got much farther than Istanbul, after encountering multiple transportation mishaps, and getting turned away at the Syrian border by officials who refused to let him cross without a visa. He quickly ran out of money, lost his will and called home for help. His family in Tampa helped purchase a plane ticket for him to return to Florida.

Osmakac would later tell several mental health professionals that he was in fact more interested in traveling to Afghanistan or Iraq to fight American troops, and perhaps even find a bride there. Osmakac got back in touch with Dennison in Florida, and would talk often of returning to a Muslim land so he could marry.

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YouTube Youtube. Larry Keffer, a Christian street preacher with short-cropped brown hair and a thick, white beard, was outside the concert as well.

Keffer was wearing a fishing hat, a green camouflage shirt and blue pants. Most of the crowd ignored Keffer. A few concertgoers taunted him. He taunted them back. A police officer directing traffic refused to acknowledge the demonstration, while Keffer ranted about Lady Gaga and the devil.

The men continued to provoke each other as people milled into the concert venue. He then charged Keffer. Each wrapped his arms around the other, turning and twisting, until they broke free. The police officer managing traffic charged Osmakac with battery, giving him notice to appear in court.

Google Maps. They should go see him, Dennison suggested. Dabus had flyers in his store promoting democracy, and he and Osmakac argued about the subject, with Osmakac contending that democracy and Islam were incompatible. Hamas is Satan. His work for the government has until now been secret. Osmakac disputes this, saying he never asked anyone for Al Qaeda flags. A psychologist appointed by the court later diagnosed Osmakac with schizoaffective disorder.

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So basically, he was helping whenever he comes. And he got paid. A former University of Mississippi math professorDabus was an associate of Sami Al-Arian, the University of South Florida professor who was indicted for allegedly providing material support to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in a case prosecutors argued proved successful intelligence-gathering under the Patriot Act. Dabus had worked at the Islamic Academy of Florida, an elementary and secondary private school for Muslims that Al-Arian had helped to found in Temple Terrace, a suburb of Tampa.

He testified that he had known Al-Arian only to raise money for charitable purposes, not for violence. While Al-Arian would continue to battle federal prosecutors, living under house arrest in Virginia until finally agreeing to deportation to Turkey this year, Dabus remained in Tampa, active in the local religious and business community.

But he acquired a reputation during this time for running up debts. From tohe faced foreclosure actions on his home and businesses, as well as breach-of-contract and small-claims cases. In fact, when Dabus met Osmakac, he was in rough financial straits, records show.

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On November 30,after Osmakac had begun working for Dabus, the two drove around the Tampa area together as Dabus secretly recorded their conversation for the FBI. Osmakac asked if Dabus could help him obtain guns and an explosive belt. However, transcripts suggest he was also having trouble separating reality from fantasy. So, yes, the dream is real. Allah showed me that dream for a reason. He might be able to help Osmakac obtain weapons, Dabus told him.