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One of my good friends has been casually dating a woman for several months.

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What are you supposed to do about this often painful situation? The man you love is driving you absolutely crazy!

Tips for dealing with a girl who refuses to commit but won't let you go

No titles is what he says which infuriates you completely. But then he comes back, acting like nothing happened or nothing is wrong.

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Or worse that he was never gone! What the heck is up with this guy?

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No matter what the reason, you really love this man and you just know you could make this work. Which is why it hurts all the more to not be able to discuss things or figure out the reason out of him for his antics and disappearances. How can you survive this on and off relationship?

On and off relationship

And why does love feel so good and then so incredibly BAD? That hot and cold treatment leaves you up and down emotionally. So, hear me out and think about this with me for a moment. In other words, you are always there.

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No matter what he does, you are there for him and willing to take him back. Sometimes women going through this kind of thing pride themselves on how they are always there for their man no matter what.

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But, thinking a bit deeper, is that really your best choice? While he is inconsistent and hot and cold with you, YOU are the one who is consistent. He can count on you right? The difficult truth is and I realize you might not like hearing thisthere is no consequence for his inconsistent behavior.

He won’t commit, but won’t let go: here’s why

Nope, you might feel angry and tell him so, but you take him back with open arms. Every time.

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Like clockwork. So why would he? This is where things get REAL. His back and forth behavior about seeing you is a a huge telltale .

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See, how he treats you is how he feels about you. You are allowing his indecisiveness to run and frankly ruin your life. I bet you are often unsure you can take this any more and have said that to your closest girlfriends. And yet, you do. This kind of on and off relationship crushes your self-esteem and takes a big chunk out of your sense of self-worth. How he he worth that to you?

He won’t commit but won’t let go – 5 relationship experts reveal exactly what to do

No man, no relationship is worth this kind of pain, that you should suffer from such disrespect and look to yourself wondering what you did to deserve this kind of horrid treatment. When you get into this sort of pattern with a man you love, there is little choice if you are at all concerned with self-preservation.

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What does that mean to love yourself first? To draw a line in the sand about what you will and will NOT put up with. You must decide to take care of yourself and that means you will no longer put up with his nonsense.

The commitment phobe

Yup, the only choice is to let HIM go if you want to to preserve your dignity, self-esteem and mental health. I realize this may seem impossible for you.

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Sometimes women actually end up addicted to a man, even if he treats them poorly. I know, I lived this too. You want to force him to make a decision once and for all. So you are willing to try just one more thing. Well this is that one thing.

Different relationship goals

You are ready to walk away. Unless…he wants to commit and move forward in the relationship. Briefly explain what that means to you. You might say you want to see him every weekend and no disappearing with apologies later. And he must keep his promises to you. When you give an ultimatum, you MUST follow through. So when you say forever, you mean it without any wavering. There is nothing left to say. After this kind of talk, one misstep on his part and he needs to be out of your life.

For good.

Fear of commitment

On a rare occasion, with a man who does love you, but is on the fence for his own lack of emotional maturity, he might decide to grow up and come around. If you are ready to let go and need some support around this, love mindset coaching can help. Friend's Address. Your Name. Send. Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. So, she made a few tweaks and then dated 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul.

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Her mission is to share her proven dating advice and keen insights about men with women everywhere who are serious about finding love with the right man. An established author, you can find her 6 books on Amazon.

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