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Dating a non girly girl girl hunting for friend to dating

Not that we are unattractive in any way, we just know how to have fun, get dirty, and aren't shy about slipping the occasional F-bomb or two.

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For some, this defying of gender subdivisions comes into play in an encouragingly healthy manner, but unfortunately for many others, it may leave them feeling like a misfit or an alien from another planet. Suggested read: 10 things a REAL man wants in a woman. Image source. Oh yes, this is the first and the easiest telling us that we are different. Just think about the stuff that can make your channel-flipping stop during the lazy TV surfing. With all due respect to the mushy-gushy love stories and the tear-stained series, the content of these kinds of shows will always be hard to non-ironically digest if you are not a girly girl.

Years old: 21
Ethnicity: Swedish
My orientation: I love gentleman
What is my favourite music: Latin
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love painting

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Also I don't detest makeup of dressing to impress.

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I detest the fact that people will look down upon you for that No two people are but we just group stuff up for convinience She will find someone regardless of her style. Even if it's not what you are into.

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You're right she will. But will it be the right guy? If he's not into her "style" then he's gonna lose interest after a while, Or worse and try and change her.

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Why waste the time to be someone you're not to attract a person Hey you're not gonna wanna stay with? Thats the thing though, you aren't the only guy in the world and your opinion doesn't represent them all. If you looked through the other comments you see there are plenty of guys who would be interested in a girl like that. So telling her she won't be in a happy relationship with a man who likes her as she is is misleading and based entirely on your own preferences. Sorry, I worded that wrong. I ment to say.

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If dresses and make-up is not her thing. Than wearing them will attract the wrong guy for her. I often see guys give girls who are 'really girly' a lot of attention. I don't dress to impress.

As long as I feel comfortable. I can be very straightforward without being rude. I don't flirt and don't like it when people compliment my looks. I hate taking pictures of myself and going out.

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People have told me I should start wearing make up, going out, start wearing more 'naked' things, Vote A. Vote B. I dunno. Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Do guys like girls who are non-girly girls?

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Add Opinion. Leo Xper 6. Well at first that "friend" who told you that you don't stand a chance with bla bla bla isn't a real friend. A real friend lifts you up, is there for you, helps you to achieve your dreams no matter how far away they seem to be.

Don't throw with the word "friend" around you like if you're feeding ducks with bread. A friend is something special and very rare. So far so good. You description of yourself looks mostly like the description of my dreamgirl and I think most guys here are with me. You aren't just fine, you are more than fine and all those "friends" telling you how you should change yourself don't do this! A real beauty doesn't need make up to be beautiful. And many guys don't like that said by a guy remember. Shopping itself is mostly boring and shyness is kind of cute.

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Many girls don't like to get compliments and I hate it when they don't want to accept them. It's like if they would call me a liar and I don't lie. Nah girl you are perfectly fine. Don't worry. Stay on your way and always be yourself. Is this still revelant? If you're this confident then there is nothing not to like about that fact. Girls like you who are straightforward and don't wear a mask I'm sure you'd do good in life.

You're really confident and that'd be attractive to a lot men. AussieGirl Xper 4. Gianna17 84 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 6. Don't worry about what they think, there are plenty of guys who will like you no matter what your style is. Gag is hardly a good representation of all men, and even if it was don't take anything said to heart, you are neither superior or insuperior to others simply because a bunch of guys online say so.

TsundereMatrix opinions shared on Dating topic. I still get guys. A lot of them are either really desperate, much older or really like games like I do. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Jjpayne 2. You know, the one playing the drums and helping work on the car.

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UsErNamme Xper 4. Maybe you are moving in the false circles. Most of the girls were not very girly, had a boyfriend with them and were completly accepted by everyone else. What I want to say is that similiar people tend to clump together and sometimes you have to search for the groups where people similiar to you are. Shar98 Xper 3.

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A good amount of guys like a girl with your style. The advice the girls are giving you doesn't have to apply to you, it isn't your style anyway.

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Yet at school, at a bar, a convention, etc you will find guys who you will be compatible with and feel the same way. Also you're gonna have to flirt a little bit. It is necessary. Find your way to do it while being yourself.

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FinalVow Xper 7. I would advise ignoring them in the sense of them saying you have no chance they just shallow little children and I may be alone in thinking this but if you are not comfortable then you are not actually being your true self. If you are uncomfortable you are generally a bit preoccupied with how uncomfortable you are to really be who you really are.

I said no, but it's really somewhere in between.

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Someone who chooses to dress a bit girlish of the situation demands it and be simple otherwise would the best combination. Guys have enough eyesight to tell who the girls are in their species without them needing to bash the fact over our he with a ton of foundation. I'm a sucker for the small touches that bring out their best features.

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Maybe a hint of some eyeliner, subtle earrings etc. At the same time, she should also be independent and honest, that's honestly way more attractive than make up. So, yeah, a little bit of both. Kaazsz opinions shared on Dating topic.

I heard someone say that you prefer someone who balances you out.