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I liked hunting for men Competition in love loves be topless

But India should be worried.

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Looking to boost the passion between you and your partner? Experts say you should raise the stakes. Athletes face off at sporting events. Pro gamers take on other players. And friends may make an occasional congenial wager.

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But — the restaurant serves amazingly good food, and we have good company in each other, so we could look past those minor things. When it comes to a loving a person, everyone has flaws. These flaws are things you eventually learn to accept, because your love for someone is far greater than the fact that they might have some bad or disgusting habits, tease your friends, put other things before you sometimesor have a less than favourable past.

Just like our affinity for this Japanese restaurant, Nick and I look past and accept the things about each other that may not be perfect. But love is not a competition. The constant comparison of what you have, to what you see other people have, is unhealthy. Whether you see photos on Instagram, or see a couple once a week when you catch up, it may not be all rainbows. What people post on social media, and what you may physically see of them, is a tiny, tiny window of what happens in their real lives. Love, as it stands in a relationship, is also not a competition.

That should never be a topic of discussion.

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You can love someone for different reasons to someone else, but you cannot measure love, therefore you cannot say that someone loves someone more. One of my favourite things about Nick is that he encourages me to do well and be better, when it comes to me. There is no selfishness. He supports me in my career choices and in the things I decide to do. Our hobbies may vary and even though we both work in technology, our roles are different.

At some point we both got a series of pay rises within a year and kept earning more than each other.

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For me, personally, this is vastly different from my relationships where I was often mocked or ridiculed for doing really well in my career. I was often tricked into not caring about my personal growth because my partner was jealous.

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Sometimes I just felt like I was not getting any support or encouragement, which made me sad. You should bring out the best in each other. Now, let me be clear: I hate the colour pink.

Is friendly competition the key to relationship bliss? bet on it

But I got over that. I got over that and deployed this theme, because it looks nice, and it gives my blog a fresh look for the week. I changed my triangle logo to a heart, too. Nothing special, just the default heart that you can create in Photoshop. When it comes to social media, we are always going to be drawn to show the best version of ourselves. Could just be a tripod, for all I know.

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And if he ends up being more successful than me then it will just drive me to be better at my job, but not in a competitive way. Tyrone and I were recently talking about how a year ago we were moving house and how every thing that could have gone wrong, and we laughed about it even though a year ago we were crying about it.

I think that really shows the strength of our relationship.

5 ways to win a love triangle

The time I like pink the least is when I am wearing it. You are in a great relationship! One thing I finally had to make myself realise is this: What we see is sometimes very different from what something actually is. For instance, most mature adults will take social media outlets like facebook, instagram, ect and showcase their ificant other doing something amazing and loving.

We see this an instantly feel some sort of jealousy. No matter what we see in social media or television, relationships are NOT perfect.

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Real relationships are combined of all these things, and hopefully the positives will outweigh the negatives. To me, a relationship is the hardest thing in life. Always be the voice of reason where the other has none. More often than not, it takes a few tries, so take it as a learning experience.

My first serious relationship was at I gave up dreams to follow him to his college, and I dropped out and came home after he admitted to sleeping with my friend. Pretty shitty right? Well I still learned a lot from that relationship, and I took what I learned and after a few more crappy relationships I found my husband.

He has his faults, some of them are pretty bad, but he does try. He accepts mine. Totally agree with the message in this entry!

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Love is definitely not a competition, and every person looks for something different in a relationship. What one couple likes to do may not be the same as another. Also like you mentioned, no relationship goes perfectly. The important thing is to be in the relationship that you and your partner wants. I agree with this post. Anyone who tells you different is selling something baha Princess Bride reference…I need sleep xD.

And sees a photo I post and thinks, your relationship must be perfect. Not to mention the pressure you unknowingly put on your partner. How fair is that?

3 crucial differences between fighting and competing for love

I used to look at couples post about themselves on social media and wish for the day that could be me, but then I learned other people have relationship problems as well. The difference is that they are with loving partners who help them become better people. There are a few guys who tried to date me by making me feel bad about my work life and I was also heavily abused by a guy for caring more about my work than him. I think that and posts like this should be the relationshipgoals everyone swoons about.

This is such a great post. I am so happy that you are a great support for each other and really seem to be able to help each other.

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In a real and honest way. Bringing out the best of each other is what couples should do. Everyone definitely has flaws. I do feel that love overpowers the flaws because you find other reasons to love the person which makes the flaw inificant. I agree with you that love is not a competition. Love comes in many shapes and size. I just realized I made a reference to rainbows in my blog post for the same topic. Nick is such a sweetheart.

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A man should want you to do your best. Everyone came from different backgrounds. Which is funny since we also have the most epic fights. But we like it. Also I think this is a post many people do need to hear. Not even just about love, about anything!

Competition in love is for losers

Well as far as the competing with each other and such not that some competitions are meant to be fun! Very good post. In my experience, the couples who post every little detail on social media, seem to be the ones who are always having problems.

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Dark mode. Love is not a competition with anyone else. Love is not a competition with each other. I love you Nick. will not be published. Website optional.