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Dating two months Dating two months Giving your semi-ificant other's friends, my mom, neither of a relationship when the first month mark ifies a huge photo of dating again. I realize this is the lockdown started changing.

We have been dating for 5 years, living together for 4. She's my best friend, we do everything together and I never resent a moment of the time we spend.

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We've both got good jobs, her family's weird but nice, and we discuss kids and stuff like where we'll live when we're But I can't find the impetus to actually propose I've been to friends' weddings where they're so happy and giving epic speeches of how they cherish every moment, but I just feel content, and I want to continue being content.

Is that enough to have someone themselves to you, or am I being greedy by taking more than I can give?

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My girlfriend is definitely wanting to marry me, I know that she's been waiting for quite a while, but I want to be certain. I guess my greatest fear is whether in 5 or 10 years I'll find that 'happy' is not enough, and that the magic super love others talk about is missing.

After 5 years of dating, i [27m] feel like i should be proposing to my girlfriend [27f] but i don't feel the magic super love i think i should. am i just suffering from fairytale ending syndrome?

Or am I being stupid and what I'm feeling is what everyone goes through? I definitely don't want to break up and I know I could never find someone better suited for me, but maybe I'm just not marriage material. Sounds like this is a discussion you should have with your gf and family.

There is no fairytale ending in real life.

Relationships: how long should you wait before having sex, moving in together, and getting engaged

Yes - some of the best advice I've heard on finding "the one" is to not just imagine your life with that person, but also imagine your life without them. You can also feel sad because you are used to the relationship and may be co dependent. I don't think that's a good gauge on whether or not you should get married. It sounds like some your hangup is related to the wedding itself. You also don't have to have a traditional wedding or whatever. You can get married in a courthouse, or with just your family, etc. I personably don't believe there is a true fairytale happily ever after.

Marriage is a fuck ton of work that does not qualify as happily ever after. For a lot of couples it ruins them horribly. So if you are expecting to have a certain "feeling", it most likely won't occur. Im not expecting the fairytale ending, but were you not tripping-over-in-love before proposing and for the actual wedding?

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Content is the goal. Happiness is a peak and there is always a downhill. I have been married for 8 years. Most of our life is just day to day, no fairy tales, no epic tragedies. I would not trade any of it. You will have days together where you just can't stop smiling, you will have days together where you can stop crying.

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Ask yourself, who do you want holding your hand through all of that? Yes, but I'm saying that shouldn't the happiness peak be at the 'getting married' stage, and not over by this point and into 'content'. I know it won't be honeymoon for ever. I guess you should always remember that people have the tendency to only show their high light reel. I gave a super epic speech to my best friend at his wedding, but it was mostly for show. I love him, but not in the fairytale like I made it sound in my speech.

Being content and comfortable sounds amazing to me to be honest. I gave that up once and it was the biggest regret in my life. If you're a risk taker, you can always try asking for a trial break up Because I only realised my mistake after a month and a half.

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It really opened up my eyes and reminded me how much I actually love my SO. Some people are more vocal about the best parts of their relationships, but you don't hear about when they are floating along, content. Or you don't hear about how they got so annoyed at the dishes. It ends up creating this unfair expectation that every moment should be spectacular. Think about future plans, buying houses, go on vacations, raising kids, training dogs, etc.

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Do you look forward to these things? Do you dread these things? Read about some of the relationships here, and remind yourself that without your girlfriend, you could be single or dating one of those weirdos instead. You sound happy to me!

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It's true, life isn't always a fairy tale, but you should feel some warm, fuzzy romance toward her when you think about marrying her. I used to feel indifferent and even negatively about marriage, but it grew on me. One of the things that gave me romantic feelings toward getting married was imagining us facing each other, holding hands, saying our vows. There is a sense of romance thinking about looking into each others' eyes and telling each other we intend to love each other for good.

If what's stopping you is a deep gut feeling telling you not to, maybe talk it out with someone and reconsider.

Lessons we learned from 5 years of dating

But if it's just what you think you're supposed to be, remember weddings are romantic and romantic thoughts and speeches come out. Those aren't everyday all day feelings. What matters is being happy with yourself, your partner, and relationshipand being sustainable together.

A lot of romances or relationships are heated, passionate, yet volatile and unsustainable and the people in them are only happy for a fraction of the time they are together. If you say you're happy, and you say you're best friends, then what would change in 5 years? People spend their whole lives trying everything to find "happy". You have it and are questioning it, which is natural.

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Keep what makes you happy! That's how you know to marry. I think you might feel different on the wedding day. If you asked your friends now, they would probably have a similar answer to you. Emotions are high on a wedding day, and everything is so grandiose, but it also doesn't accurately represent normal life.

I've been with my husband a little over five years and I can tell you it ends up as being just life that you share with someone. But the key is to realize that you'd rather have that person there with you than not. I love being alone with my husband. It is so comforting and relaxing. I have no clue what life would look like without him and I honestly don't want to find out. I just spent four nights in the hospital due to a surgery and he was freaking out about me not being home.

When I got home on Monday he told me when I got up to take pain meds that he was happy I was awake because he missed me just sitting in the same room as he plays a video game. If you are looking to up those crazy in love feelings there are two sure ways to do it:.

If both of those fizzle maybe you should bring it up with her and see if maybe she has any ideas! Found the internet! After 5 years of dating, I [27m] feel like I should be proposing to my girlfriend [27f] but I don't feel the magic super love I think I should. Am I just suffering from fairytale ending syndrome? Posted by 6 years ago.

Sort by: best. This is what I was going to say as well. Can you live another day without her being in your life?

5 things to think about before leaving a relationship

Reply Share. Continue this thread. This is it absolutely! Does the idea of being without her make you sad? I love him. I wouldn't be here if I weren't. If you are looking to up those crazy in love feelings there are two sure ways to do it: Try something new together that is exciting.